Volunteer with One Plane Away

Want to help make a difference for Nunavut Babies?
There are three ways to be a volunteer:

  1. Member of One Plane Away Organization: you can be a general member of the organization or a Board Member. We meet
    aproximately four times per year; those outside of Iqaluit participate via teleconferencing. We also have smaller planning meetings for our fundraising events.
  2. Fundraising Event Assistant: Do you have an idea for a fundraising event? We always need help with new ideas as well as helping out on Event Day.
  3. Donation Facilitator: Most of our donations come from outside of the territory of Nunavut. As a result, all donations need to be sent on a plane to Iqaluit. We need people to gather donations and either mail to Iqaluit or drop-off at an airline (see How to Donate). It would be a great help if donations could be gathered and sent.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for One Plane Away Donations!