Our Work

Our primary objective is to support Nunavut infants and children in need by giving them clothing and supplies that are often unavailable or unattainable. With the support from NunaStar properties, we officially have a space for One Plane Away to to call home!

Learn more about how we do this, and why it’s so important.

Fundraising for One Plane Away

One Plane Away hosts fundraising events for money as well as donations of clothing. Money is required for such things as clothing items for babies and young children, diapers and formula, duffle bags to send the clothes, airline cargo fees, and much more.

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Volunteer with One Plane Away

Want to help make a difference for Nunavut Babies?

There are three ways to be a volunteer:

  1. Member of One Plane Away Organization
  2. Volunteer in Your Community
  3. Raising Awareness

Find out how you can help!